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We at Picture Party Photo Booth want to partner with you to make your special event even more memorable. We do this by pairing the the best photo booth technology, with our fun and upbeat staff.
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Why Book Our Photo Booth?

We know we’re not the only photo booth rental company in Los Angeles, but we are the best choice for many reasons. We go above and beyond to create memorable, enjoyable experiences for each of our event clients, whether you are hosting a Bar Mitzvah, a child’s party, or a corporate gathering.

Here are five reasons to hire our open-air photo booth rental company for your next event.

1. We Customize Every Photo Booth Experience

Some photo booth rental companies use a one-size-fits-all photo booth experience for every event. They bring the same props and backdrop to every event location, regardless of whether it’s a wedding or corporate event.

That’s not our style. We design a unique experience for each client!

At Picture Party Photo Booth, we love creating unique, engaging photo booth experiences for every event. Before your bash, we’ll sit down with you to discuss how we can shape our props, backdrop, and photo templates to complement your specific theme and vibe.

Our custom photo booths will send a message to your guests that you care about every detail of your event, from the backdrop style to the props we use. Your guests will have a more enjoyable time creating memories in front of our customized booth than they would with a one-size-fits-all setup.

2. We’ll Break the Ice

Getting guests to feel comfortable and at-ease at an event can take some time. However, photo booths act as the perfect icebreaker to engage your guests, help them feel silly or relaxed, and encourage them to interact with others.

When you hire our team for your gathering, we’ll provide an on-site attendant to mingle with guests and take their photos throughout the night. Our lively attendants are natural extroverts, and they love helping guests feel at home in front of the camera.

Placing our photo booth at your grand occasion is an easy way to break the ice and help your guests have an enjoyable time from the beginning to the end of the event.

3. We Provide Tangible Memories for Guests

There’s no doubt about it: party guests love party favors! In this day and age, guests typically expect you to provide them with some type of small takeaway gift that they can use to remember the day (and avoid leaving empty-handed).

Photo strips act as an affordable, memorable party favor that gives guests a tangible reminder of their experiences. At Picture Party Photo Booth, we shape our photo booth experiences around providing high-quality party favors to your guests.

We print all of our photos using a commercial-grade printer, professional ink, and sturdy photo paper. We can also create a custom picture template with your event name and date that your guests can put their photos in—making sure that they never forget all the fun they had at your party.

4. We Increase Interpersonal Engagement

Parties can get boring quickly if guests have nothing to do. They can only spend so long mingling with the other guests before they run out of conversation topics. Instead, most attendees enjoy participating in fun activities more than simply sitting and talking with others.

Our photo booth rental company can provide a fun, engaging activity for your guests to participate in during your event. We expect each partygoer to spend several minutes at our photo booth picking out their props, adorning themselves in costumes, posing in front of the backdrop, and receiving their photo print.

Our photo booth also encourages guests to socialize with each other. While some guests may enjoy taking photos alone, most will want to gather a group of friends to all pose together in front of the backdrop. Having an open-air photo booth can facilitate conversation and get your guests to socialize with each other, improving their overall merrymaking at your event.

5. We Use High-Quality Materials and Supplies

Some photo booth rental companies skimp on supplies and materials in an attempt to save money. However, at Picture Party Photo Booth, we strive to provide a premium festive experience by using superior supplies and high-quality materials throughout our photo booth rental services.

When we set up our photo booth at your event, you’ll be able to see the attention to detail and quality that we pour into our backdrops and props. Even better, your guests will be impressed when they receive a sturdy, professional-quality print of their photo booth image.

Contact Us Today

When you hire our photo booth rental company for your event, you can feel confident that your guests will have a lot of revelry at your gathering! Our client satisfaction is our highest priority, and we do everything we can to create a memorable, entertaining time for everyone involved.

We bring fun, laughter, memories, entertainment, excitement, integrity, ease, reliability, customization, and a wonderful addition to any event! Contact our team at Picture Party Photo Booth in Los Angeles, CA today at 818-378-3751 to book us for your next event.

Our Services

Unlimited Pictures and Prints

Take as many pictures as you want. We will never run out of professional quality photos at your event.

Custom Picture Template

We have a variety of pre-made templates and can create new ones to match the look and feel you desire.

Specialty Backdrop

Each and every photo booth can be as unique as you want. We can create a special theme to match your event.

Boatload of Props

The props used in the photos are as plentiful, unique and as fun as you want them to be! Have fun!

Lovely Attendant

All photo booths come with a trained, lively attendant who interacts with guests to make sure they have a fun experience.

Open Air Photo Booth

Our open-air booths can accommodate many more people per photo than a traditional photo booth.


Including an open-air photo booth at your event is a fun, silly way to engage your guests and make memories together. If you have an event coming up, we’d love to discuss how our photo booth can add enjoyment to your day.

Contact us today at (818) 378-3751 for more information about our photo booth rental experience, or fill out the form below and we will quickly reach back out to you with answers.

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