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Business Services

At Picture Party Photo Booth, we can bring our photo booth services to a wide variety of event types, from corporate gatherings to graduations and from holiday parties to baptisms. Here are some of the most popular events we serve.


Wedding receptions are a perfect place for a Picture Party Photo Booth! Enhance any reception with a photo booth that will help friends and family remember your special moment for a lifetime.

We can match any look and feel to accommodate your every need so your photo booth ads to the reception aesthetic and helps create the celebratory atmosphere your special day deserves.


Corporate Gatherings

Your next company-wide conference or corporate event doesn’t need to be a drag! Adding a lively, fun, morale-boosting photo booth can help your employees have a more enjoyable time, improve their image of your company, and encourage them to socialize with their coworkers.

If your event does not have a specific theme, we’ll bring a variety of generic props such as sunglasses, chalkboard signs, feather boas, and balloons. We love to get creative! Tell us more about your industry, and we can customize our props to suit your company or event type.



Are you hosting a 90s-themed gathering, bachelorette party, Gatsby-era soiree, or late-night movie premiere? Then why not add a fun, functioning photo booth to help guests remember their costumes and leave with a fun party favor in hand?

Whatever style event you’re planning, we can customize our photo booth experience to fit right in with your theme and decor. You can sit back, enjoy time with your guests, and leave the photo booth in our hands.



Graduating from high school or college is a memorable experience, and graduation parties present the perfect time to connect with fellow students and say goodbye. Adding a photo booth to your graduation party can encourage guests to take photos together and remember the fun they had at the party as well as during their schooling years.

We’ll customize your graduation photo booth to include themed props—such as graduation hats, signs with the year and school name, diplomas, and other graduation-esque accessories. Even better, every guest will get a photo print to take home with them and store in their memory troves.


Non-Profit Organization Events

Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser, organization awareness event, or community gathering, our photo booth experience can engage your guests and spread the word about your organization. We’ll keep your cause at the center of our photo booth experience from the beginning of the event to the end.

Even better, we can provide a custom backdrop featuring your organization’s logo and create unique templates with the event’s name and the date. These added touches will help make your event more memorable and keep the focus on your organization amidst the fun.


Holiday Gatherings

What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July, Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving than with a themed photo booth? Adding an open-air photo booth to your next holiday gathering can liven up your guests’ experiences, create tangible memories for them to take home, and spread the holiday cheer.

We’ll bring our best holiday-themed props to your event to add to your festivities and create an enjoyable time for all who attend.


Proms and Dances

Photo booths are essential at proms and other dance events in which guests spend hours getting dressed up before attending. We go above and beyond the typical prom photo booth by customizing our backdrop for your event, including props that suit your theme, and stationing a lively attendant to ensure that every photo looks professional and clear.

We’ll also contain our photo booth within a six-by-six-foot area, leaving plenty of room for guests to get groovy on the dance floor.


Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

There's no better way to remember your cherished moments than to add a Picture Party Photo Booth to your next Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Liven up the atmosphere while giving everyone the opportunity to relive those moments for many years to come with fun and exciting event-themed photo booths.

We can fully customize your photo booth to meet your needs and give your gathering that something extra to round out the event in style.



Including an open-air photo booth at your event is a fun, silly way to engage your guests and make memories together. If you have an event coming up, we’d love to discuss how our photo booth can add enjoyment to your day.

Contact us today at (818) 378-3751 for more information about our photo booth rental experience, or fill out the form below and we will quickly reach back out to you with answers.

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